Monday, July 13, 2009



I guess we have totally forgotten about writing on our blog.
We have been really busy these last 5 months if you can believe that. First off all we made a trip to Phoenix in March for some SCSU baseball,
MLB spring training and catching up with Brad out on the town in Scottsdale.

It was a great time, we can't wait to go back again!

The end of March, Linds and I went to visit my Grandma Campbell in the good ol' state of North Dakota. It was a long drive with the flooding in the Fargo area but well worth it.

As for April it was low key, we made a mid-week trip to the Dells with some friends and then enjoyed Easter in Austin.

Thank the Lord for pictures because I'm having trouble trying to remember what the heck we've been up to these last months so bare with me.

The month of May took us up to St. Cloud State for Joeys last weekend of college baseball.

It was Parents day and Senior Day over the weekend. He was presented with a plaque for his Senior year and also for being a team Captain.

Well that will have to do for tonight, hopefully i can get back on tomorrow and continue updating for everyone. I best go so I can see Prince Fielder win the Home Run Derby, at least he was a local player. Mauer for MVP of the All-Star Game tomorrow night! Good night now.

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October 13, 2007

October 13, 2007